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Application Process - GPR

Residency applications for the University of Vermont GPR program at the UVM Medical Center are submitted via American Dental Education Association Postdoctoral Application Support Service (ADEA PASS). Your application and supporting documentation should be received in PASS by October 1.

Our Dental Residency Program participates in the postdoctoral dental matching program administered by National Matching Services Inc.

Our committee will review applications and email a select number of candidates an offer to interview via Interview Broker.

Requirements to Apply

  • Passed Part I, National Dental Board Examination
  • Current student or graduate of an U.S. or Canadian dental school
  • Include your match code (from National Matching Services Inc.) in your PASS application
  • Email your photograph directly to the Program Administrator (not to ADEA PASS)

International Applicants

  • Graduated from an U.S. or Canadian dental school
  • Be a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident status
  • If Canadian citizen, will have to apply for TN NAFTA status
  • Have passed Part I, National Dental Board Examination


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are unsure what interview season will look like, in-person visits versus online. We currently have the following dates set aside for interviews: October 9, October 23, November 6, and November 20. Like m any institutions, we’ll see how things evolve and communicate plans here.

In non-pandemic conditions this is what interviews look like at UVMMC – subject to change:

  • We will email offers to interview via Interview Broker. There will be a limited number of interview slots so sign up right away for the date that best suits you
  • Our interview day includes tours of UVM Medical Center and the Dental & Oral Health office. Applicants will interview with the Program Director and two to three faculty members. Applicants will also have a whole afternoon with the current residents to ask them questions.
  • We encourage applicants to arrive the night before, if possible, to have dinner with the current residents at a local restaurant to learn more about our program in an informal setting. This gathering is casual and optional, travel plans permitting.

For more information
Justin Hurlburt, DMD, MA
Program Director, GPR
UVM Medical Center Dental & Oral Health
1060 Hinesburg Road, Suite 201
South Burlington, VT 05403
(802) 847-1777