Transferring Patients to the UVM Health Network

The University of Vermont Health Network has created a centralized resource to coordinate all patient transfers to University of Vermont Health Network affiliates. The new Regional Transport & Transfer System (RTS) is designed to improve outcomes and save lives by working in close collaboration with ground and air ambulance providers in the region to enable more efficient and timely transfer of patients.

Regional Transfer Center

As part of the RTS, The Regional Transfer Center (RTC) provides a “one-call-does-it-all” system to coordinate all patient transfers to University of Vermont Health Network affiliates.

Any provider seeking to send a patient to a UVM Health Network hospital should call the RTC and our staff will coordinate the logistics to makes sure the patient gets to the right place at the right time using the most appropriate mode of travel. The staff will also facilitate transfers out of the network where care cannot be provided by a network hospital. 

Regional Transfer Center
Call: 1-866-648-4886

Note: If this number does not connect you, please try calling (802) 847-1319 or (802) 847-4728.

Required Referral Information
Please have the information in the patient referral form readily available to expedite the transfer process

Regional Transport System Hospitals
13 hospitals covering a 40,000-square-mile area in Vermont and northern New York will utilize the University of Vermont Health Network's centralized 24/7 Regional Transport System when transferring patients to University of Vermont Health Network hospitals.

Map of Vermont & Norther New York Hospitals