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UVM Medical Center Transfers Patients, Staff from Inpatient Rehab at Fanny Allen Campus to Main Campus
Move Made To Ensure Patient, Staff Safety After Employees Reported Symptoms
Make Green Up Day a Safe Success
For the past 50 years in Vermont, the outdoor spring cleaning effort known as Green Up Day has been a source of civic pride and environmental stewardship. This year’s birthday celebration event looks...
Poisoned from Foraging: Wild Ramp or False Hellebore?
Every spring the Northern New England Poison Center manages a number of poisonings from foragers picking toxic plants and mushrooms mistaken for safe, healthy food. Most recently, the UVM Medical Cen...
Have you always been curious about gardening? Here's the NEW Victory Garden
Growing food for yourself or your family is empowering and benefits both mental and physical health. Growing a few things at home can help reduce the number of trips to the grocery store and can make...
Getting Used to Our “New Normal”
With a majority of states relaxing restrictions on staying home, people may feel a growing temptation to return to their pre-pandemic lives. This temptation may be further amplified by the season’s w...
Giving Newsletter - February 2020
Read February edition of the Giving Newsletter.
Spring Fever is Healthy, Injuries Are Not
The signs of spring are outside my window. Flowers are starting to bloom and robins are chirping across my lawn to eat worms and other insects. With nowhere to go, I know I’m not the only one tempted...
A Mother's Story: Delivering a Baby During COVID-19
We are all adjusting and coping with change, from our homes, work, the way we connect with loved ones, and even the way we receive health care. While our protocols have changed, one thing remains the...
Delaying Care Is Dangerous: One Patient's Journey
When Priscilla Baker called her doctor about a pain in her abdomen, she didn’t think twice about how health care has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. She knew she needed care, and she needed it ...
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