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August is National Immunization Awareness Month
Shots aren’t just for kids. Some adults assume they don’t need to worry about vaccinations because they got their shots when they were children. However, some adults were never vaccinated as children, or vaccines that are available today weren’t around when they were growing up. Even if you were fully vaccinated as a child, immunity […]
4 Ways to Help Children Cope With the Being at the Hospital
“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm, not to join their chaos.” – L.R. Knost The healthcare setting can be a scary and overwhelming place where stress a...
First with Kids: The Game Plan for Coed Sports
With the fall sports season here, parents have been getting their kicks asking me questions about girls and boys playing sports together. They want to know when coed competition is and is not recomme...
First with Kids: Covering Your Transitional Object Concerns
Parents have recently appeared less secure about their child still holding on to their favorite blanket or stuffed animal, even though they are no longer infants or toddlers. Well, this week let me ...
Melons: Add This Recipe to Your Summer Collection
Is there a more quintessential snack on a hot summer day than a slice of watermelon? Many people don’t realize there are dozens of varieties of melons available. Let’s explore a few varieties, how to...
The Impossible Burger: Should We Bite?
Burger King is now serving up its brand of the Impossible Burger at all 7,200 locations across the nation. The Impossible Whopper is a flame-grilled, plant-based patty that so closely mimics meat it ...
Recovering From a Tough Workout
Tough workouts are often associated with soreness the next day and, in some cases, for several days to follow. Pain or discomfort may not be the only impact. You might find that your motivation can t...
UVM Medical Center Seeks to Improve Coordination of Care  by Expanding Shared Electronic Health Record System
The UVM Medical Center is requesting that the Green Mountain Care Board approve the addition of two hospitals to the unified electronic health record system.
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