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University of Vermont Health Network Safety and Value Grant

In 2019 the UVM Health Network is offering three $50,000 grants to implement innovative concepts or practices that will enhance safety and value across the network. This grant opportunity is open to any clinician or team employed by the network. The grants will support multidisciplinary, cross-departmental or cross-organizational teams that identify areas of health care improvement. Proposals will be screened on criteria that include the following:

  • Enhancing safety
  • Optimizing patient outcomes
  • Reducing cost
  • Enhancing the health of the individuals and communities we serve
  • Aligning with the network’s strategic priorities

Grant Details

Three proposals will be selected this year. Each will be awarded a $50,000 grant to implement a concept or practice over two years. Selected proposals will receive project management, analytics and research support from the Jeffords Institute for Quality, and electronic health record informatics support from Information Services.

Application & Key Dates

Grant proposals must be submitted using the PDF grant application (This PDF is fillable in Internet Explorer and Chrome; that function does not work in Firefox; however, it is preferable that you download the PDF to your computer which will allow you to save and revise your proposal). Please complete all fields using only the space provided, i.e. provide only the amount of text that will fit in the viewable text box when printed out. For those using a Mac, please pay special attention to this. Email the completed application to Note the following key dates below.

Call for Application 03/01/2019
Application Due Date 03/29/2019
Notification to Finalists for In-Person Presentations 05/28/2019
In-Person Presentations 06/07/2019
Award Announcements  06/10/2019
Award Start Date 07/01/2019

Selection Process

Proposals will be selected through a competitive process designed to be open and inclusive. Proposals will be internally reviewed, and those meeting eligibility and screening criteria (refer to Screening Criteria, below) will advance forward to the review by an Advisory Panel. Top finalists will be invited for in-person presentations. The Advisory Panel will provide feedback to all finalists and ongoing support to the selected project teams as needed.

Screening Criteria

Proposals fulfilling the screening criteria may be selected for an in-person presentation. Detailed criteria can be found on the Proposal Scoring Sheet. Briefly, a proposal should:

  • Include more than one specialty/division, clinical department or organization
  • Include at least one trainee (i.e., fellow, resident or medical, nursing or allied health student) when possible
  • Meaningfully improve patient outcomes/experience, reduce harm and/or reduce cost
  • Include a reliable measure for outcomes, preferably available electronically
  • Relate to evidence-based guidelines or practice statements
  • Support patient- and family-centered care
  • Be able to maintain the improvement over time
  • Align with strategic priorities and impact our patients, families, people and community
  • Have a clear impact across the network

Project Milestone Updates

The grant recipients will be required to submit written progress reports twice each year and present in-person updates at 6, 12 and 24 months.


For more information, contact Allison Holm, Director of Research, at 802-847-7912 or