COVID-19 ALERT: For the latest COVID-19 updates from UVM Health Network, click here. If you feel sick, please call your doctor before leaving home.

For Health Care Providers

The UVM Health Network is working with the Vermont Department of Health to coordinate preparedness efforts to contain and treat COVID-19 informed by guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C​DC). Our highest priority remains providing safe, quality care for all patients.

We have included a collection of resources for health care providers.

If you are an employee of UVM Health Network or one of its affiliates, please reference your affiliate’s intranet or document-sharing site for up-to-date policies and protocols.

Status Update

Vermont Governor Phil Scott and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced that elective outpatient procedures will resume, with limitations and specific precautions in place. UVM Health Network is currently working on plans to safely re-open for these procedures – check back here for updates in the coming days. Our facilities across the network continue to care for patients in emergency and urgent situations. We have also greatly expanded the availability of eHealth visits in our specialty and primary care practices. Please continue to refer your patients as necessary.

  • (4/09/20): UVM Health Network has moved to universal masking in our Vermont and Northern New York facilities. All staff in patient-facing areas are wearing a medical mask – the specific type is determined by their role and risk of COVID-19 exposure. Staff in non-patient-facing areas are now wearing cloth masks while at work. Read the news release and see the PPE Guidelines in the Protocols section below. 

COVID-19 Testing

Testing Criteria & Instructions

At this time we are screening all patients who seek care and have signs and symptoms compatible with COVID-19: fever and/or symptoms of acute respiratory illness (e.g., cough, difficulty breathing). Fever may be subjective or measured.


New York

  • Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital and Alice Hyde Medical Center

A physician’s order is required to obtain the specimen, and the order must include the “criteria for testing.” The age requirement for symptomatic patients has been removed, the new criteria is outlined below:

Level 1 patients:

  • Hospitalized patients
  • Health care facility workers with symptoms

Level 2 patients:

  • Patients in congregate living arrangements with symptoms
  • Patients with symptoms
  • Patients with underlying conditions with symptoms
  • First responders with symptoms
  • Correctional Facility employees with symptoms
  • Inmates of correctional facilities with symptoms

CVPH INSTRUCTIONS: Call CVPH Patient Registration at (518) 562-7091, then fax the order to 518-314-3980. Patients do not need to have an order “in hand.” Please instruct your patients to:

  • Drive to the front of the hospital. They should not enter the hospital.
  • Call (518) 562-7091 to register for the test when they arrive.

ALICE HYDE INSTRUCTIONS: Patients can call the COVID call center at 518-481-2700.

  • Elizabethtown Community Hospital: ECH is recommending testing all patients with compatible symptoms (i.e. fever, cough, shortness of breath, myalgias, loss of smell/taste, etc), possible exposures or people who need a negative test to return to work.

Refer to these instructions for ordering tests.

Additional Testing Locations






Porter Hospital

Fax referral to (802) 388-8866 or call (802)388-8865; Porter providers via Epic


Southwestern Vermont Medical Center

Call (802) 440-8844


Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital

Fax referral to (802) 748-7383 or call (802) 748-7401


Essex Pediatrics

Champlain Valley Fairgrounds: 802-847-5440 option 1, testing within practice


Evergreen Family Medicine

Call 802-878-1008, telehealth w/ provider


Richmond Family Medicine

No testing of patients outside practice


University of Vermont Medical Center (Essex Fairgrounds)

See info above


Northern Counties Health Centers - Island Pond

Fax referral to (802) 723-4544 or call (802) 723-4300 


Northwestern Medical Center

Call (802) 527-3670

Grand Isle

Champlain Islands Health Center - South Hero

Call (802) 540-8940


Copley Hospital

Fax referral to (802) 847-6101


Gifford Medical Center

Call (802) 728-7000  


Little Rivers Health Care - Wells River

Call (802) 222-3000 ext. 329


North Country Hospital

Fax referral to (802) 334-4163


Rutland Regional Medical Center

Fax referral to (802) 747-6200


Central Vermont Medical Center

See info above


Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

Call (802) 257-0341 ext. 8200


Grace Cottage Hospital

Call (802) 365-4331


Springfield Hospital

Call (802) 885-7533


VA Hospital - WRJ

Call (802) 295-9363 Currently only testing Veterans


Mt. Ascutney Hospital

Call (802) 674-7300

New York State





Champlain Valley Physician’s Hospital

See info above


Adirondack Medical Center

Inpatients only


Elizabethtown Community Center

 See info above



 Inpatients/Pending admission only


Alice Hyde Medical Center

 See info above

St. Lawrence County

Massena Hospital

Drive-through by appointment with referral. Patients without a referral can call 315-769-4321 to speak to a doctor about getting tested.

St. Lawrence County

Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center

St. Lawrence County

St. Lawrence Public Health Department


St. Lawrence County

St. Lawrence Health System

Drive-through testing 

Frequently Asked Questions for Health Care Workers

COVID-19 Protocols for Health Care Providers

Protocols for managing patients diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID-19 are fluid. We will make every attempt to keep this page updated to ensure clinicians are acting in concert with the latest information.

If the protocols on this webpage do not answer your questions, and you have a time-sensitive question about COVID-19, you can call the numbers listed below for your area. We are experiencing a high volume of calls. To ensure the sickest patients get the care they need, please consult the frequently updated materials on this webpage before calling.

UVM Medical Center Provider Access Service: 802-847-2700 or 800-639-2480

Central Vermont Medical Center (CVMC) COVID-19 Hotline: 802-371-5310

Porter Medical Center: 2-1-1 OR 1-866-652-4636

Alice Hyde Medical Center, Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital (CVPH) and Elizabethtown Community Hospital: New York State Novel Coronavirus Hotline 24/7 at 1-888-3065. Also see CVMC’s Resources for Medical Professionals

These protocols are specific to UVM Medical Center. While we are doing everything we can to standardize protocols across the UVM Health Network, because of the unique environments at each of our affiliate hospitals, protocols may vary by location.

Screening & Testing

Screening Information

Algorithm for Screening (UVMMC) - 5.1.20 

Guidance for Homecare (UVMMC) - 3.20.20 

Testing & Information

Ambulatory Testing Criteria (UVMMC) - 5.1.20

ED Testing Criteria (UVMMC) - 5.11.20 

Instructions for Collection and Specimens for Coronavirus (VDH) 

Clinical Test Request Form (VDH) 

Pre-Procedure Testing Policy (UVMHN) - 5.19.20

Pre-Procedure Testing Exceptions Policy (UVMHN) - 5.15.20

Clinical Guidelines & Workflows

COVID-19 Management Guide (UVMMC) - 4.23.20


Guidelines for Caring for a COVID-19 Patient in an Ambulatory Clinic (UVMHN) - 4.16.20 

Birthing Center

Labor & Delivery Workflow COVID-19 (UVMMC) - 3.20.20 

Birthing Center Policies (UVMMC) - 5.12.20

Laboratory Services

Guidelines for Phlebotomy and Laboratory Services (UVMMC) - 3.25.20 


COVID-19 Radiology Screening & Workflow (UVMMC) 4.24.20 


Periop & Procedural Area Response Plan (UVMMC) - 3.20.20

Patient Transport

Ambulance Transport of Patients with Infectious Disease (UVMHN) - 4.28.20

Palliative Care

Palliative Care COVID-19 Toolkit (UVMHN) - 4.13.20

Conversation COVID-19 Toolkit (UVMHN) - 3.30.20

Protecting Yourself

Employee Risk Assessment (UVMMC) - 3.24.20 

Fact Sheet for Staff with COVID-19 Contact (UVMMC) - 3.25.20


PPE Standards & Room Cleaning (UVMMC) - 4.17.20


WHO: Rational use of personal protective equipment for COVID-19 (WHO) - 2.27.20 

PPE Guidelines (UVMMC) - 5.11.20

PPE Sequence - Donning and Doffing Instructions (UVMMC) - 3.27.20

Hand Hygiene & Cough/Sneeze Etiquette 

Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer (video)

Soap & Water (video) 

Cough & Sneeze Etiquette (video) 

“Stop the Spread” in translation

“Help Keep Illness from Spreading” handouts in various languages

Additional Educational Materials



External Links
WHO situation summary (best viewed in Chrome, Firefox or Safari)
CDC situation summary
CDC on how you can stay safe
Vermont Department of Health COVID-19
New York State Health Department
Johns Hopkins COVID epidemic map
New York Times COVID outbreak coverage (no paywall)


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